Intensive in-home program focuses on children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 18, who are at risk of out home placement due to behavioral, mental health or substance abuse problems, in addition to children between the ages 5 to 18, who are transitioning from an out of home placement. Services are geared to address issues including but not limited to; poor problem solving skills, and poor interpersonal relationship building skills. Services included with our intensive in-home treatment:

Mental Health Evaluations
Individual and Family Counseling
Parenting Skills
Behavior Management
Life/ Independent Living Skills
Crisis Intervention
Conflict Resolution and Anger Management
Discharge Planning


A mental health crisis can happen to anyone with a mental illness, at any time. Dealing with these crises effectively and quickly can mean the difference between remaining safe and comfortable in your home, and ending up in a hospital while your life goes unmanaged.

Crisis Stabilization services provide help where you need it most…your home, your school, and your community. BHSVA provides mobile crisis stabilization to adults and children so that those who suffer from mental health crises may continue with life as planned.

BHSVA’s Crisis Stabilization Provides;

  • Temporary Housing Provided for 15 Days
  • Clinically Assessed
  • Connection To Additional Resources
  • Supportive Crisis Staff
  • Medication Managed
  • Psychiatric Evaluations


Staff at Behavioral Health Services of Virginia provide services from a Trauma informed approach. Each of our staff members completes training with Trauma informed focus preparing them to recognize and respond to the effects of Acute, Chronic and Complex trauma.


Our Therapeutic Mentoring program offers one on one services for youth or adolescents that present with growthopportunity in areas of social functioning. Focus of services accentuates building life skills in areas of daily living, independent living, problem solving, conflict resolution, and social/interpersonal interaction.


ABA is a type of intensive service that focuses on techniques of learning theory to help improve social behavior.

ABA services focus on 3 major areas:

(1) developing new skills,
(2) shape and enhance previously learned skills, and
(3) decrease socially maladaptive behaviors.

ABA is a safe and effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. BHSVA’s systematic approach and ongoing analysis enables clients to learn a variety of new skills such as improvements in communication, socialization with family members and peers, appropriate behaviors, daily living and independence skills, and functional community and vocational skills.


Our Mental Health Skills Building program services persons between the ages of l8 to 64 years and provides support training in areas of daily life functioning, medication management, health and safety, and use of community resources. The Mental Health Skill Building program is purposed to promote community stability and independence for persons identified with significant psychosocial challenges resulting from mental health illness.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

Services coming soon in 2022

  • Intensive Outpatient Patient (IOP) for substance abuse
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Psychiatric Services
  • 23-hour Crisis Stabilization
  • Residential Crisis Stabilization

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