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Intensive in-home program focuses on children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 18, who are at risk of out home placement due to behavioral, mental health or substance abuse problems, in addition to children between the ages 5 to 18, who are transitioning from an out of home placement. Services are geared to address issues including but not limited to; poor problem solving skills, and poor interpersonal relationship building skills. Services included with our intensive in-home treatment:

Mental Health Evaluations
Individual and Family Counseling
Parenting Skills
Behavior Management
Life/ Independent Living Skills
Crisis Intervention
Conflict Resolution and Anger Management
Discharge Planning



Behavioral Health Services of Virginia Crisis Stabilization is a program that provides a rapid response for children, adolescents & adults who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis that may jeopardize their current community living situation. The goal of Crisis Stabilization is to help the individual achieve stabilization as rapidly as possible and to help prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization and/or incarceration.

This program provides an intensive, short term, highly structured environment for safe resolution of the following problems:

Uncontrollable Behavior
Suicidal/Homicidal Ideation or Attempts
Severe depression and/or anxiety
Psychotic Episodes
Feelings of hopelessness



Staff at Behavioral Health Services of Virginia provide services from a Trauma informed approach. Each of our staff members completes training with Trauma informed focus preparing them to recognize and respond to the effects of Acute, Chronic and Complex trauma.



Our Parenting program focuses on strengthening the caregiver/child relationship and allows opportunity for participants to examine their family values systems and family roles. Families qualifying for our parenting service participate in interactive sessions in which they learn appropriate and clear communication, anger management, and conflict resolution skills. Additionally, caregivers will be provided with referral support in connecting to appropriate community resources for job skill training, housing, social services, nutrition, healthcare services, etc. Caregivers participating in services will learn how to effectively acknowledge and provide support for their child’s feelings. Similarly, caregivers will learn to identify their child’s behavioral patterns and will learn to implement age and developmentally appropriate parenting interventions.



Our Therapeutic Mentoring program offers one on one services for youth or adolescents that present with growthopportunity in areas of social functioning. Focus of services accentuates building life skills in areas of daily living, independent living, problem solving, conflict resolution, and social/interpersonal interaction.



BESA is an intensive home based virtual residential service purposed to implement a highly structured therapeutic environment within the home setting. Service hours encompass: structured schedule building, parenting, family therapy, and individual therapy in the home setting as well as reflective team building; collaboration with psychiatrists, outpatient therapists, school officials, and other appropriate community services. BESA structures up to 40 hours in the home setting and serves as a 24/7 on-call crisis response.



Our Mental Health Skills Building program services persons between the ages of l8 to 64 years and provides support training in areas of daily life functioning, medication management, health and safety, and use of community resources. The Mental Health Skill Building program is purposed to promote community stability and independence for persons identified with significant psychosocial challenges resulting from mental health illness.

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