Established 2012, we are a leading provider of mental health services for at-risk youth and persons with mental health disabilities in the State of Virginia.We provide individualized & community based services for individuals we serve. All of our programs focus on building personal relationships and maintaining community connections through services that are customized to meet the specific and changing needs of the consumers we serve.


  • Enabling families to achieve a safe, stable, and nurturing home environment by reducing or eliminating maladaptive behaviors or emotional conditions
  • Conducting comprehensive assessments that accurately identify problem areas and needs
  • Utilizing short-term, solution-focused treatment strategies to strengthen student, parent, and teacher relationships
  • Offering a variety of services that can comprehensively meet the individual needs of children and families’
  • Coordinating and collaborating with other local and state business service providers in order to best serve the interests of service recipients
  • Successfully preventing out of home placement by assisting individuals and families in learning how to effectively work through behavioral and emotional challenges that can lead to maladaptive behaviors.



Behavioral Health Services of Virginia is dedicated to providing comprehensive yet individualized community based services to the families of Virginia. Our philosophy is that Intensive In-Home services can assist the family as well as empower them to be able to maintain children at risk of out-of-home placement, while teaching them to work through behavioral and/or emotional challenges in healthy ways.